Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wealthiest Historical Figures

# ↓ Image ↓ Name ↓ Age when at peak of earnings, or in 2008 for living people ↓ Current age, or age at death ↓ Wealth in Billion USD (adjusted) ↓ Origin ↓ Current or Final Residence ↓ Company or Source of Wealth ↓
1. John D. Rockefeller 74 97 318.3 United States United States Standard Oil
2. Andrew Carnegie 68 83 298.3 United Kingdom United States Carnegie Steel Company
3. Nicholas II of Russia 49 50 253.5 Russia Russia House of Romanov
4. William Henry Vanderbilt 64 64 231.6 United States United States Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad
5. Osman Ali Khan, Asaf Jah VII 50 80 210.8 Hyderabad, (British Raj) India Hyderabad State
6. Andrew W. Mellon 80 82 188.8 United States United States Gulf Oil, Mellon Financial
7. Henry Ford 57 83 188.1 United States United States Ford Motor Company
Marcus Licinius Crassus 62 62 169.8 Roman Republic Roman Republic Heritage, tenant and mining speculations, slave trade, land ownership aquired by proscriptions
9. Basil II 67 67 169.4 Byzantine Empire Byzantine Empire Monarchy
10. Cornelius Vanderbilt 82 82 167.4 United States United States New York and Harlem Railroad, shipping

From wikipedia

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Crazy video

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Naguib Sawiris speaks with Charlie Rose

"Naguib Sawiris (15 June 1954) (also: Sawires, Arabic: نجيب ساويرس) is an Egyptian businessman. His father, Onsi Sawiris, founded Orascom Group. He is the Chairman and CEO of Orascom Telecom, and Chairman of the board of Wind Telecomunicazioni S.p.A. and was the chairman of Mobinil till August 2008. In 2008 Forbes magazine estimated his worth at 12.7 billion dollars." - wikipedia

Republicans went in my book from great to shameful over the last year

"NEW YORK - Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, who has not held a press conference in nearly four weeks of campaigning, on Tuesday barred most pool reporters from her meeting with Afghan President Hamid Karzai, the first foreign head of state she has ever met.

Journalists protested the campaign's decision to exclude all but photographers and a TV crew from Palin's sessions with foreign leaders. CNN decided to withdraw its TV crew, effectively denying Palin the high visibility she sought for her initial foray into world affairs. The campaign then reversed course, saying pool reporters — a small group that provides information to all media — could attend the meetings planned after Karzai hosted Palin at his suite in The Barclay New York Hotel."

CNN pulled its film crew in protest. I wish the rest did too. If "change" is what the McCain ticket has been touting over the last month, a lack of transparency seems like a far cry from that.


David Blaine removes teeth

Monday, September 22, 2008

Daft Punk "Technologic"

Nowwww I know where the "Touch It" came from!! (such a jam)

You punk bitch!

"Antimatter" - NERD

"Japan's Largest Private Equity Firm? The Mob"

"Police investigations suggest that the yakuza have become voracious traders and manipulators of listed Japanese shares, and, via a network of about a thousand apparently legitimate front companies, occupy big positions on the shareholder registers of many companies that may not even be aware of the connection.

According to one veteran expert on the yakuza, the new activities of the nation's largest crime syndicates have effectively turned the mob into the biggest private equity firm in Japan."
Rest of this crazy article here

Ground Zero x Ice Age

"Those who say the World Trade Center site is changing at a glacial pace have no idea how right they are.

A fantastic landscape in Lower Manhattan — plummeting holes, steep cliffsides and soft billows of steel-gray bedrock, punctuated by thousands of beach-smooth cobblestones in a muted rainbow of reds and purples and greens — has basked in sunlight this summer for the first time in millennia.
This monumental carving was the work of glaciers, which made their last retreat from these parts about 20,000 years ago, leaving profound gouges in the earth and rocks from the Palisades, the Ramapo Mountains and an area of northern New Jersey known as the Newark Basin."

Full Article here

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hurricane Ike

From the International Space Station
Port du Paix, Haiti
Completely underwater
Caskets coming up from under

New Microsoft Ad

I like it, Crispin Porter & Bogusky stepped it up a notch from that shitty last ad

Friday, September 19, 2008

Paper Trail Cover Art

Aw God

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kanye West Interview at ConcreteLoop


"Dead and Gone" T.I. ft. Justin Timberlake

Off the new T.I. Album:


Beat Bus (possibly timbaland)

"The Good, the Bad, the Ugly" - Consequence and Kanye West

"Yard 2 Yard" Consequence ft. Rhymefest

One of my favorite songs:

Stussy Hats

Wasilla City Hall

If only Bill Clinton could run again..

An interview with him today with Maria Bartiromo:

In other news..McCain says today:
"[The SEC] kept in place trading rules that let speculators and hedge funds turn our markets into a casino."

You know you're dumb when...you blame speculators and hedge funds for drastic moves in the market (crude oil at $150 ring a bell?). It's funny that when oil goes down or stocks go up, it's all titties and beer.

Rappers coming out with albums by December

Dr. Dre
Kanye West
50 Cent
DJ Khaled
John Legend (not a rapper)

Swagga like us...ROSS

Swagga Like Us (Remix) - Rick Ross

Common dating Serena Williams

Alicia Keys is a lot better

McCain changing his opinion on AIG

Carly Fiorina (ex HP CEO, head of McCain Fundraising) tears up her own candidates

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"Stay Up" 88 Keys ft. Kanye West


"My Life" - The Game

Friday, September 12, 2008

3-D Graffiti - All on flat pavement

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"Following a New Route to Crossover Gold"

"In a sense Gym Class Heroes are crossing under, as a popular band that is slowly earning credibility in a new genre. Last year a remix of “Viva La White Girl,” from their previous album, 2006’s “As Cruel as School Children,” featured Lil Wayne and helped them break through on stations like Hot 97.
There is little precedent for this sort of success. Rap-rock has gone through many iterations, but generally the rap world has held those artists at arm’s length. Gym Class Heroes have largely escaped genre skepticism, at least in part because of Mr. McCoy’s hip-hop background — he is a clever, nimble and charming rapper."

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Widen the Eyelids - Wilderness Crew

"I wanna go on a trip through to the islands,

take a walk from the hills to the highlands,
see some things that will leave me silent,
the type of milage that widens the eyelids"

"Love Lockdown" cover art

Monday, September 8, 2008

UMC video teaser - Common ft. Pharrell

UMC Teaser from kwest on Vimeo.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

"The Birds and the Bees" - Lupe Fiasco Ft. Kanye West


Stream it:

"Good Morning" Video

N*E*R*D Concert

Bad Brains (maybe the worst performance I have ever seen) joined NERD on stage for "Spaz." It was hilarious. Check it out:

GirlTalk on NYTimes

" Girl Talk (real name Gregg Gillis) has also won critical praise but is not likely to land a big-time contract, commercial radio play, a spot in an iPod ad or even distribution on iTunes. This is because “Feed the Animals” is composed almost entirely of more than 200 samples of other artists’ music, ranging from Lil Wayne to Kenny Loggins — none of which Gillis has obtained permission to use.

This is what makes Girl Talk’s experimentation with the value of music so compelling. It’s one thing for various name-brand artists to dabble with giveaways. It’s something else for a creator who has operated artistically, financially and even legally outside the structures of the traditional recording business for his entire career to do so. Will “Feed the Animals” make Girl Talk a rock star? And what would that even mean?"

The rest here


Inflation can't stop, cause it won't stop...bad boy for life

War Cost